The Edmonton Lost & Found Pets Search is a public database of the dogs, cats and small pets currently reported as lost or found within the City of Edmonton.

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Please note not all animals at ACCC are available to be viewed publicly due to other circumstances.

If you have lost or found a cat, dog, or small pet, start by using this search and post tool. Pet inquiries related to pets in ACCC care can be directed to 311.

For the best possible results, please follow these additional steps for Lost Pets in Edmonton.

*Please Note: Only animals found within the City of Edmonton may be taken to ACCC. For animals found outside of Edmonton, please contact your local municipality or the Edmonton Humane Society.

The database is updated every 20 minutes, so please check back frequently.

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The City of Edmonton has provided this website platform to assist in the reuniting of lost pets with their owners. By signing up for an account on this website, I understand that:

  • By providing this website, the City does not take any responsibility for the action of third parties including the finder of a stray animal, or the original owner of the animal.
  • The City is not responsible or liable for the reuniting of animals not in our care with their lawful owners. 
  • The information relating to lost and found pets is posted by citizens and therefore the City does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, or completeness of any information on this Web site. 
  • This Web site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors and the information is provided without warranty or condition of any kind.

Under section 32 of the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw 13145, if you find and take control of any stray animal, you must advise the City of Edmonton and provide any required information. Posting the information of a found animal on this website does meet this legal duty as our staff do review new posts, but you may also meet this requirement by contacting the City at 311 or online The City will not post any information about a stray animal in your care or control on the website on your behalf.  

Animals are considered property in Alberta, and owners may have legal options to ensure the return of their animal. To protect yourself, you can take a number of actions that show best efforts to find the owner, including posting the animal on this website, posting on other public pages including facebook or community websites, posting flyers in the area the animal was found, or getting a microchip scanned or a tattoo checked at a vet clinic. 

Please contact the City at 311 or complete the appointment form online to arrange an intake appointment. If someone does come forward claiming to be the owner of the stray you found,  for your own protection it is best to take steps to verify ownership before reuniting a found pet with an owner. Before providing any information regarding the animal, we would suggest you ask the claimant where they lost the animal, the animal type, breed, color, gender, and if there are any identifying markers such as a collar, tag, microchip or tattoo.  If you do not feel comfortable returning an animal to a person claiming to be the owner please contact the Animal Care & Control Centre to schedule an intake appointment.

By signing up on this website, you consent to the release of the following personal information: first name, primary phone number, email address, and any photos you upload, to other users of this website. Any other personal information collected on this website is being collected pursuant to section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Alberta). It will only be used by the City of Edmonton for reuniting lost pets with their owners, or contacting you in relation to a posting you have made. If you have any questions regarding the collection, use, disclosure or destruction of the personal information on this form, contact the Supervisor of Customer Service and Administration at the Animal Care & Control Centre, 13550  163 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5V 0B2, 780-496-6743.

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